Brianna Brown - Actress

Ragan has a warmth, openness and sense of beauty that easily translates within her art. She put me at ease and I felt comfortable enough to be vulnerable in front of the camera. I highly recommend working with her and have recommended her often!


Beth Navarro - Author

"I fell in love with Ragan's clean and beautiful style. She brings out a vulnerability and authenticity in her subjects. Ragan is who I trust to do the best possible work whenever I need new author photos. I highly recommend!"


Sarah McMaster - Realtor

Ragan has a keen sense of beauty, composition and concept. She works with a clear direction and positive energy, and makes the whole experience fun and playful. Best of all, her photos are stunning!

Angel & Family_Nov 22, 2015-15.jpg

Angel Parker - Actress

Trying to get a family photo that everyone looks good in is nearly impossible, but with Ragan's relaxed vibe and keen sense of beauty, we have cherished memories captured and actually printed and framed!


Alexis Carra - Actress

After so many years of fearing photo session as an actor in LA, Ragan made me feel empowered, at ease, alive and sexy! I loved her process of working in collaboration during the shoot and leading up to it. Her positive energy and keen eye make her work outstanding and the actual shoot a blast!


Virginia Williams - Actress

Ragan's easygoing, friendly personality makes it simple to feel comfortable and let your guard down in front of her. Her extensive experience in front of the camera as a model gives her an invaluable edge in how to gently direct clients to get their best photos.

Summer & Sage_July 16th, 1016-8969.jpg

Summer Sinclair - Owner, Summer & Sage

Ragan is a multi-talented photographer who is very hands on and meticulous with her work and delivers the goods! I have worked with her for my business product and lifestyle shoots,. I love the creativity and professionalism and fun she brings to every session, whether it's just pillows, babies or families ‪<3 Each photo imbues her warmth and sensitivity, and I look forward to our next session!


Laura Emanuel - Owner, Mystic Dirt

Ragan’s photography captured the essence of Mystic Dirt and our products. Her ability to tell a story using creative product styling exceeded my expectations. Ragan's professionalism allowed me to relax, enjoy the shoot and know the result would be beautiful photographs usable on multiple marketing and social media platforms.

Molly gravatar.jpg

Molly Schoneveld - Owner SW PR Shop

Not only does Ragan have an incredible eye for detail, but her modeling background gives her an edge that other photographers I’ve worked with simply don’t have. She understands how to capture your best angles, can help you pose and ultimately makes you feel relaxed knowing you’re going to love the outcome. If I could have her follow me around all day every day as my personal photographer I would!


Cristen Coppen - Actress

Shooting with Ragan was my favorite experience with a photographer. She listened to me and got to get a feel for what I was looking for. I was able to get comfortable with her loosening up listening to music. She captured a relax side of me that I can never get on camera. I hate having my photo taken and Ragan made it almost like a dance and she just captured moments that turned into magic. Thank you Ragan and I can't wait to shoot again.


Christopher Girbes-Pierce, CFP® - Founder & CEO Enlightened Wealth Management, LLC

Ragan was friendly and knowledgeable and made me feel really comfortable during our shoot. She was efficient and professional and I'm really happy with my final shots which I've used for my website and other marketing materials. I'd recommend Ragan to anyone looking to hire a photographer who will make you look and feel good!